If your paycheck comes from the Big Smoke, but you yearn from country living.. we've got some useful tips after 12 years of digital nomad living and smart-working consultancy. You can still earn the big bucks working with the big boys, but working from the comfort of the blue skies. All it takes is a little bit of organisation and proving you can still be as productive off-site.

1) TECH EQUIPMENT IS KEY. If you're working remotely, having stable and reliable technology will be essential. Don't scrimp on your tech, make sure your computer has enough RAM to support all your apps and choose secure cloud storage with file backup, so you never have to lose work again.

2) SCHEDULE YOUR OFFICE HOURS. Set specific times and days for your meetings, calls and deadlines. Block out specific times rather than keeping your entire calendar open.

3) BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR ROUTINE. Both in terms of time "on" and "time off". Ensure to be available at times where you're online but equally strict with times where you're offline. If you start answering calls, emails and messages during your offline hours: this is a guaranteed way to let collaborators and clients know they can disturb you at all hours. Equally, secure your work environment to be undisturbed by children, parents, spouses, pets...

4) FIND YOUR PRODUCTIVITY SPOT. Your office, a cafe, a coworking space, a mountain cabin? It doesn't matter where you work at your best as long as you can keep focus and stay connected while you work and minimal noise distractions

5) A STEADY, STRONG CONNECTION. For smart-working you will need minimum 10MB/second speed - and ensure you're not sharing download speed with more than one other person. Ideally, we recommend at least 50MB/second for up to 4 devices.

6) CHARGE UP. Always have a charger or power pack with you. Before you select your workspace, call up or check beforehand to have a power outlet.. remember to pack the right cables and adaptors.

7) STAY ACTIVE. The downside of smart-working is that you can get so absorbed in a never-ending workday that before you know it you've spent ten years chained at your laptop.. scheduling in an hour of fitness or a weekly hike won't be enough to offset hours (try months, years..) or sitting. Vary your work stations to maximise movement and find as many opportunities for movement as possible. Take your calls on a walk, write on the floor, read in a hammock..

8) PROTECT YOUR EYES. Digital screens emit harmful blue and UV lights, which will fatigue and weaken your eyes as well as overstimulate your nervous system (making it much harder to fall asleep after a long day's work!). Download the IRIS app and set to "health" mode

9) STAY SOCIAL. One of the least considered aspects is the social isolation that comes when you work alone. Joining a coworking space, members club or chamber of commerce can ensure you get enough

10) WORK SMARK, NOT MORE. Avoid long email chains, using multiple apps, endless zoom calls or getting sucked into the big wide world of digital. Read some of our other posts for inspiration, or come visit us in Crans Montana for a personalised smart-working coaching session and work-flow optimisation.



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